IAGG-Federation of Geriatric Education (FGE)
Filling the gap in Gerontology and Geriatric education
is a major goal for the IAGG-World

Dr Jean Pierre Michel


Jean-Pierre Michel, MD, was appointed the program director of IAGG Federation of Geriatric Education, formerly known as IAGG’s World Academy on Ageing (IAGG-World), a program which seeks enhancing the academic foundation in the field of geriatrics and gerontology.


In complete partnership with the World Health Organization and the United Nations, IAGG- World drafted “Quality Standards” in an effort to streamline future Master Classes on Aging.

IAGG-World aims to enrich existing programs and to extend program activities to new global regions, which, in the past, did not benefit from this high level educative initiative in gerontology and geriatrics. These global regions include, but are not limited to, Southeast Asia, North Africa and Sub Saharan Africa.


May 28-30, 2018: 1st IAGG East South Master Class on Aging (combined with the 9th IAGG Asian Oceania Master Class on Aging), Dementia Care, Bangkok, Thailand.

This teaching activity will be under the co-presidency of Professors Prasert Assantachai(Bangkok), Hidenori Arai (Nagoya) and Liang Kung Chen (Taipei). All information could be provided by asking Professor Prasert Assantachai (Bangkok), prasert.uts@mahidol.ac.th

The 6th IAGG Master Class on Ageing held in Taipei, Taiwan on March 26th-28, 2015 has gained great success. The main theme of this Master Class was “Aging, Immunosenescence, Infectious Diseases and Vaccination”.